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Disavowed: Revelation

Event Date: August 24, 2014

Though they were able to maintain their control of the Bunker located in the Comoros region, protocol demanded that the Covert Chinese forces scuttle the base now that it had been detected. As reluctant as the Bunker Commander was to destroy the place that had been both his first command and his home for the past several months, he was first and foremost a loyal soldier.

As the Commander watched the explosives detonate at the entrance to the Bunker, forever sealing it from rest of the world, he could not help feel a swell of sadness rise within him. As he looked over what now remained of his men however, the commander felt something else……… a burning desire for revenge. As he contemplated how, or even if he could achieve some measure of retribution, his sat phone squeaked to life.

Fortunately, it seemed that the Chairman and the rest of the People’s Military Commission shared the commander’s desire for revenge, if only to prevent the Disavowed CIA agents or the Three Kings Mercs from relaying what they had learned of China’s intentions with the many bunkers they had constructed throughout Europe and the rest of the world. China had invested heavily in shell corporations building “R&D” facilities in nearly every country in the world. These facilities were each actually a heavily armed base from which China could have their highly trained and elite soldiers launch attacks upon the major countries of the world. Not all of the bases were yet operational however, and the information the Disavowed and 3K Mercs possessed could trigger investigations into their activities abroad that China could not afford this late into its operation.

The Commission informed the Commander that as many reinforcements as could be spared were being dispatched his location under the guise of military aid to help bring order back to the destabilized Comoros region. The Commanders orders were simple, use whatever means necessary to discredit or eliminate any Disavowed or 3K presence in the area. The Commander rallied his men and immediately moved out toward the rendezvous location, eager to collect his new troops and dreaming of the glory that awaited his beloved Republic.





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