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Welcome to Camp Debert Army Paintball



On March 9th and 10th the doors of an iconic Cold War building, the Debert "Diefenbunker" will open to paintballers for the first time.  The bunker 1 of 6 built across Canada, was built to withstand a near miss from a nuclear ICBM.  Players will battle through the 64,000sq/ft of underground rooms and corridors split over 2 levels in what will become the largest indoor field in North America. 

Please check out the event posters below as well as the Diefenbunker Under Siege event page for more scenario, registration, and accommodation information!!


Diefenbunker Under Siege Poster

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Diefenbunker Under Siege Scenario

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CDA Paintball Video

For those of you who have never been to CDA Paintball and want to get a better idea what we are all about check our promotional video below.    


We hope this video gives you a flavour for what you can expect at CDA Paintball, although the only way to truly appreciate us is to come out and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!!!!


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Welcome to CDA Paintball Located in Debert Nova Scotia

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Unlike some paintball fields who try to simulate authentic military scenarios, Camp Debert Army Paintball occupies part of the former site of Camp Debert.  The camp was a major Canadian military installation from its inception in 1940 during the Second World War, to its time as a government nuclear fallout bunker in the 1960s, lessening in importance until its decommissioning in 1998.  You will be playing paintball on a genuine military base. 

 Camp Debert Map

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Check out the History page for more information about the Canadian Military and Camp Debert.





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