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Click the link above for a pdf of the waiver form you and your guardian (if under 18) will be required to read & sign before you will be allowed to play at Camp Debert Army Paintball.




Camp Debert Army Paintball

Camp Debert Army Paintball or CDA Paintball is a 14 acre paintball playground.  The facilities currently include a 1 acre paved parking lot, a 100' X 160' Hyper ball field and 8 woods ball fields. All fields are connected with a paved road system.

Camp Debert Army Paintball provides marker and mask rentals as well as HPA air and CO2 fills and paint sales.

CDA Paintball has a regular schedule of walk on games and scenario games and is also and is available for group rentals if all types (including birthday parties, church groups, corporate groups, and sports teams).

Large groups are welcome.

Camp Debert Army Paintball is located on Tracker Road off of Hudson Street in Debert.

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